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Seeking Youth to be Farmers' Museum Assistants

NEW Opportunity for the Summer!

Become a 4-H Assistant at The Farmers' Museum 

Teresa Glisson, Program Development Coordinator at The Farmers’ Museum is inviting 4-H members to become Summer Museum Assistants at The Farmers’ Museum! 4-H members will choose and present a hands-on topic (think 4-H Presentations) at the Museum!  The name/theme of the 4-H Museum Assistant for the day will be listed in the Daily Activity Sheet at admissions and online.The Museum will provide a special name badge for each 4-H Museum Assistant and a designated presentation area in the Main Barn.

4-H Museum Assistants will choose ONE time/day for this experience.

The time frame is 1- 3 p.m. on the following dates:

June 2, 10, 23

July 1, 7, 15, 21, 29

August 12, 25

For more information contact Patti Zellmer.  Sign up by May 15.


Patti Zellmer
4-H Program Leader (Otsego County)
607-547-2536 x225

Last updated April 5, 2018