4-H Forms & Project Records

4-H Program Offerings 2017-2018


4-H NYS Leader Handbook

4-H NYS Chaperone Guidelines

4-H Chaperone Application (Otsego)

4-H Trip Application

4-H Volunteer Enrollment Form

Vehicle Sign-out Form (Schoharie)


4-H Cloverbud Completion Form

4-H Cloverbud Leaders Report - Otsego (Word DOC)

4-H Cloverbud Portfolio

Club Forms

4-H Club Enrollment Form

4-H Club Planning Form - Otsego (Word DOC)

4-H Club Planning Form - Otsego (PDF)

4-H Club Secretary Report Form - Otsego (Word DOC)

4-H Fundraising Permission Request

4-H Member Code of Conduct - Otsego

4-H Member Completion Form - Otsego

4-H Member Enrollment Form

Medical Permission Form

Member Participation Tracking Sheet

4-H Project Record Form

4-H Project Record Form (Word Doc)

4-H Trip Application

County & State Fair

Guide to Your Participation at the Otsego County Fair

NYS Fair Exhibitor Entry Statement

NY State 4-H Fair Forms & Information

Program Brochures/Information

4-H Achievement Book (Otsego)

4-H Awards Criteria

4-H Cloverbud Horse Booklet (Chenango County)

NYS 4-H Equine Show Rule Book

4-H Guidelines for Poultry Showmanship - Penn State

4-H Poultry Showmanship Made Easy

4-H Public Presentations Guidelines

4-H Regional STEM Camp Brochure

Vegetable Marketing Program Brochure

4-H Animal Forms

4-H Animal Identification in Cattle and Swine Information - May 2015


4-H Beef Certificate

4-H Dairy Certificate

4-H Dog Certificate

4-H Donkey Certificate

4-H Goat Certificate

4-H Horse Certificate

4-H Llama/Alpaca Certificate

4-H Rabbit Certificate

4-H Sheep Certificate

4-H Swine Certificate

4-H Livestock Auction Contract


4-H Earn An Animal Application - Otsego

4-H Livestock Auction Records

Project Record Form - Beef, Goat, Sheep, Swine & Poultry

Livestock Bidder Letter

Auction Animal Enrollment Form

4-H Beef Incentive Apllication

Project Records

4-H Beef Project Book

4-H NY State Dairy Project Record

4-H Heifer Project Record

4-H Horse Record Book

4-H Project Record Form - Otsego

4-H Steer Project Record 

Last updated September 12, 2018