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Schoharie 4-H Legislative Interns Program
Schoharie 4-H Legislative Interns Program

Legislative Intern Program

Cornell Cooperative Extension Schoharie and Otsego Counties will be making the 4-H Legislative Intern Program available for the coming academic year. This program is available to high school Juniors and Seniors to learn about local government, citizenship, and the legislative process. Participation in the 4-H Legislative Intern Program can help students develop many life skills and has inspired students to pursue academic or career opportunities in public service.

There is a one-time $10.00 fee per student for this program.

Meeting Dates- meetings are held at the county office building in Schoharie

October 16

November 5

December 11

January 8

January 17

February 12

March 11

April TBD

Late March-April; Final Meeting is a trip to Albany to meet with State Senator, Assemblyman, and tour of Capitol building.  In addition to attending the 6 monthly sessions, students who are participating will be expected to:

Attend and provide a written report on 2 additional public meetings

Assist with collection of polling data on election night

Meet and interview a local elected official (small groups) and provide a written report.

Participate in a job exploration opportunity and report back to the group with an oral presentation

Last updated November 26, 2019