Board & Committee Members

2018 Board of Directors

Name / Board Role / Professional Affiliation


Nick Castellanos, Tourism Coordinator

Sarah Goodrich, Vice President, Retired Executive Director, SALT

Ann-Marie Kyes, Treasurer, Owner/Farmer

David Ingalls, Owner/Farmer

Bill Johnson, Veterinarian

Cindi Shelley, Secretary, Professor, Department of Animal & Plant Sciences, SUNY Cobleskill

Vali Vargha, President, Farmer

2018 Directors from Program Committees

Maureen Blanchard, (Family & Consumer Sciences), Project Director

Debra Dutcher, (4-H), Retired Teacher

Elizabeth Goblet-Schubert, (Agriculture), Customer Service Representative

Ann-Marie Kyes, (4-H), Treasurer, Life Coach, Horse & Beef Farmer

Kristin Pullyblank, (Family & Consumer Sciences), Supervisor, Rural Health Education

Jason Stone (Agriculture), Owner/Farmer 

Appointed Representatives

Danielle Hautaniemi, Appointed Representative, Cornell University Extension

Andrew Marietta, Appointed Representative, Otsego County Board of Representative

Christopher Tague, Appointed Representative, Schoharie County Board of Supervisors

Program Committee Members

Agriculture Program Committee

Jordan Clements, District Manager, Otsego County Soil & Water Conservation District 

Elizabeth Goblet-Schubert, Customer Service Representative, Program Director 

Betsy Jensen, Meat Lab Manager,

Karli Johnson, Owner/Farmer

Mary Shelly, Owner/Farmer

Jason Stone, Owner/Farmer, Program Director

Alicia Terry, Director of Schoharie County Planning & Development

4-H Program Committee

Colleen Badger, Home Maker, Committee Secretary

William Combs, Grounds Supervisor, SUNY Cobleskill

Debra Dutcher, Retired Teacher, Program Director

Dan Hammond, Owner/Farmer

JoAnne King, Owner/Farmer

Ann-Marie Kyes, Life Coach & Owner/Farmer, Program Director

Cindy Powers, Retired School Teacher

Bill Shue, Retired School Teacher

Family Consumer Sciences Program Committee

Maureen Blanchard, Project Director, Program Director

Dawn Helstrom, Dental Hygienist, Farmer

Toni Joslin, Executive Assistant

Amy Mele, Library Clerk

Kristin Pullyblank, Registered Nurse & Supervisor

Mary Welch

Last updated July 2, 2018