Board of Directors & Advisory Committees

Name / Board Role / Professional Affiliation

Board of Directors 2020

Maureen Blanchard / Program Director, FCS, Secretary Project Director & Community Coordinator, Creating Healthy Schools and Communities, SUNY Cobleskill

James Bryant / At-Large Director, Vice President / Attorney at Law

Elizabeth Goblet-Schubert / Program Director, Ag / Farmer, Hessian Hill Farm

Sarah Goodrich / At-Large Director / Retired Executive Director, SALT

Danielle Hautaniem / Appointed by CCE Director / CCE State Specialist, Cornell University

Alex Luniewski / Appointed by Schoharie B.O.S. Representative, Schoharie County Board of Supervisors'

Andrew Marietta / Appointed by Otsego B.O.R. / NYCON VP Regional Development, County Legislative Board of Representatives

Kristin Pullyblank / Program Director, FCS / Supervisor, Rural Health Education Network of Schoharie, Otsego, and Montgomery Counties

Cindi Shelley / At-Large Director / Professor, Department of Animal & Plant Sciences, SUNY Cobleskill

Jason Stone / At-Large Director, President / Farmer, Oaks Creek Farm/Hops Grower Brewery Ommegang

Vali Vargha, / At-Large Director, Treasurer / Farmer, Big Sky Farm

Katerina Weingarten / Program Director, 4-H / Student, SUNY Cobleskill

Bill Woodward / Program Director, 4-H

Ag Program Advisory Committee

Jordan Clements / Committee Chair District Manager, Otsego County Soil & Water Conservation District 

Elizabeth Goblet-Schubert / Committee Secretary / Farmer, Hessian Hill Farm 

Betsy Jensen / Meat Lab Manager, SUNY Cobleskill

Karli Johnson / Farmer, Muddy River Dairy

Mary Leonard / 

Alicia Terry / Director of Planning, Schoharie County Planning & Development Agency

Family Consumer Sciences Program Advisory Committee

Maureen Blanchard / Project Director, Creating Healthy Schools and Communities, SUNY Cobleskill

Arleen Clark / Home Dialysis Supervisor, Bassett Health Care

Brittany Goodrich / Director, The Kennedy Willis Center

Toni Joslin / Executive Assistant

Kristin Pullyblank / Committee Chair / Registered Nurse, Center for Rural Community Health

4-H Program Advisory Committee

Ruth Allen / Retired, NY CCE Administrator

William Combs / Grounds Supervisor, Cobleskill Sunshine Fair

JoAnne King / Farmer, Kings Roaming Angus Farm/Cafe Help Cook

Cindy Powers / Committee Chair / Retired School Teacher

Bill Shue / Retired School Teacher

Lydia VanEvera / Secretary

Katerina Weingarten / Student, SUNY Cobleskill

Bill Woodward / 

Last updated June 1, 2020