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Welcome to our renewed Cornell Cooperative Extension “County Farm News”

There is a long tradition of such newsletters. In the office there are some that date back to 1918. Those are entitled “Otsego Farm Bureau News” from the early days when Cooperative Extension was a part of Farm Bureau. That’s one reason we appreciate their support now as you will see their paid ad and some news items they’ve supplied in this letter.

We are very pleased with the support of local farm businesses you’ll see represented in this edition and in our coming quarterly editions this year. Please recognize their support as you make decisions for goods and services.

Farmers who move here or look here for farms often say they are pleased to see the farm businesses we have, even though we know they are fewer and further removed then in days past. Our goal at Cornell Cooperative Extension is to encourage both the farmers and these businesses. You are an important part of our community and economy.

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Last updated December 1, 2016