Gardening for Health and Well-Being
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Gardening for Health and Well-Being


Gardening for Health and Well-Being

  • Thursday, June 13, 2019, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Master Gardener Francine Stayter will co-host this interactive workshop, Gardening for Health and Well-Being, in Classroom One at the FoxCare Center, 1 FoxCare Drive in Oneonta.

Joining Francine is Dr. Ashok Malhotra, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy and author of numerous books on yoga. Dr. Malhotra will provide an opportunity to use gentle stretching yoga movements to relax and stretch the body to make for a more comfortable and mindful gardening experience. These exercises – no floor exercises – will be very gentle and suitable for all ages. Comfortable clothing is advised.

Ms. Stayter will share history and research dealing with the ways plants and gardening can affect us in beneficial ways. From George Washington to today, whether in medical settings, schools, wartime, or other stressful human conditions, the multiple ways we interact with plants has proven to have a positive effect - examples of ways gardening can be done across ages and spaces.

Francine Stayter is a retired faculty member from SUNY Oneonta, and has served as a research associate at the federally-funded Center for the Learning and Teaching of Literature at U Albany. 

Dr. Malhotra is also the founder of the Ninash Foundation, a charitable organization founded in 1996 that has built multiple Indo-International schools dedicated to educating the poor and forgotten children of India. 




Foxcare Center
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