Spending Money
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Spending Money

Need financial help?

Need financial help?

Managing your money

Managing your money

Financial Literacy

Are you or your family facing financial difficulties? Would the teens or others in your family like to learn the basics of good money management?

All My Money 

This is an evidenced based curriculum that was developed by members of the Consumer and Family Economics Team at the University of Illinois Extension. Participants will understand the importance of planning and decision–making in the budgeting process.   Follow this link to access the curriculum. The lessons included are:

  • Making Spending Choices
  • Envelope Budgeting
  • Planning Your Spending
  • Understanding Credit
  • Handling Credit Problems
  • Building Consumer Skills
  • Taking Consumer Action
  • Checks and Checking Accounts
Money Matters

Money Matters is a 4-H curriculum that is used to educate middle and high school youth about managing money. It offers activities which will teach youth how to establish personal financial goals and how needs and wants affect their financial decisions. The goal is to help them meet their current financial responsibilities while creating long term financial stability. 

Does Money Matter?

Yes, especially now that there have been increases in:

  • gas prices
  • food
  • transportation
  • education
  • other necessities needed to survive in today’s economy.

Last updated June 20, 2016