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Otsego County Ag & Farmland Protection Plan and Committee

With local agriculture altering its roots based on economic trends, volatile markets, and environmental stressors, Otsego County recognized the need to support our agricultural community and work to protect and preserve the farmland we have. With this goal in mind,the Otsego County Board of Representatives adopted a new Ag & Farmland Protection Plan in September of 2017. Along with the adopted plan, a committee, also known as the Ag & Farmland Implementation Committee (AFPPIC) was formed, and an Implementation Specialist was hired to oversee the progress of the plan.Below you can find the committee’s achievements and current work to protect the invaluable agriculture within Otsego County. 

Current Projects

  • Goal to develop support animal processing (VA dairy and meat)
  • Understanding USDA meat processing bottle necks
  • Understanding the working gears of the Northeast Livestock Processing Service Company (NELPSC) and how to continue its previous efforts
  • Securing dairy processing facilities for small scale VA production
  • Connecting with the Institute for Rural Vitality with SUNY Cobleskill to better support local established farm businesses and new farmers
  • Helping to secure use of the Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Team through Cornell University for Otsego producers
  • Hort. survey:
  • Encouraging youth’s involvement in agriculture to promote local ag
  • Spreading awareness of the Ag & Farmland Protection Plan to gain support from public in protecting our ag assets, sparking farmer/producer interest in the plan, and securing support of local legislature

Past Projects

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Last updated August 16, 2022