Mandatory Volunteer Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for CCE Volunteers

All directing CCE volunteers are required to participate in an annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training  for the purpose of ensuring a safe, productive CCE environment for all. 

All current CCE volunteers are required to attend the ten-minute online video training by            December 31, 2019 and ANNUALLY thereafter.

All new volunteers must attend the ten-minute online video training as part of orientation before beginning service for CCE. 

A convenient online video, the Sign-off Form confirming participation, and the Sexual Harassment Report Form for CCE Volunteers can all be found on the CCE Volunteer Required Training site. (use VPN, if connecting out of office) under The Policy & Implementation section.

Preventing Sexual Harassment on Farms

A team of CCE Educators have adapted NYS's model sexual harassment prevention training materials to be more relevant to the farm workplace. NY State DOL reviewed these materials to be sure they meet the content requirements and now they are ready for release. The presentation and case studies are available in English and Spanish and in PowerPoint or video format. 

For more information about using these training resources view this training article and the comprehensive farm sexual harassment prevention resource page on the Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development website. The resource page contains a step-by-step guide to help a farm business meet New York’s requirements for employer sexual harassment prevention policies and training.

Last updated August 13, 2020