Solar panels generate usable power for this home.

Solar panels generate usable power for this home.


Making choices that save energy in your home, business, or community can have a positive impact on the environment while also saving you money.  In this section of our website, Cornell Cooperative Extension Schoharie and Otsego Counties connects you with resources that can help you learn about ways to reduce your energy consumption and use energy resources more efficiently. 

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What is EnergyStar?

Energy Star products are those that meet energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

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Farm Energy

Renewable energy and farming are a winning combination.

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Green Building

Green building means many different things to different people -- it is a multifaceted concept that lends itself to many interpretations

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Winter Energy Tips

Heating is by far one of our biggest energy expenses. Find tips here on how you can reduce energy costs to heat your home.

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Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems convert solar radiation to thermal energy. A solar water heater can meet 90-100% of your hot water needs in the summer.

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Solar Land Leasing

If you own land you would like to lease, consider the installation of a solar farm. Solar developers are contacting farmers and landowners in NY State to secure secure long-term land leases on 10 to 30 acre parcels.

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Last updated November 2, 2018