Compost heap on a frosty morning. The rising steam shows that the bacterial action in the compost heap is exothermic.
Image by Andrew Dunn

Learn to make rich black compost from food and yard waste..

identify and contain invasive species...

conserve precious resources...

Flooding in Schoharie County after Hurricane Irene (2011)
Image by FEMA

and respond when disaster strikes...through resources you'll find here on our website!


Our staff works to engage with the community to solve and respond to key environmental challenges, to reduce and make more equitable our collective use of the Earth's resources, and to inspire respect for natural systems and our reliance on them.

This section will include information on composting, conservation, emergency/disaster preparedness, green jobs, invasive species, natural gas drilling, renewable energy, and water quality issues. 

Adult Emerald Ash Borer

Monitoring and Managing Ash (MaMA) Training Workshops

Cornell Cooperative Extension Schoharie and Otsego Counties (CCE) is collaborating with the Catskill Regional Invasive Species Program (CRISP) and the Otsego County Conservation Association (OCCA) to host two, single-session workshops

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The clitellum or collar of the jumping worm goes all the way around the body and is smooth. The worms are very active and have a sheen to them.  When disturbed, the jumping worm (amyhthas agretis) will actively trash and flip, slither snake-like, and may shed their tails.

Jumping worm

Also known as Alabama Jumper, Jersey Wriggler or Crazy Snake-Worm, this worm has the potential to alter the character, functionality, and make-up of our landscapes and forests.

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Spotted Lanternfuly has recently been found in New York State

Spotted Lanternfly

The NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets recently confirmed that the invasive spotted lanternfly has been found in Delaware County, New York. The pest targets ailanthus trees and attacks a variety of crops (grapes, hops apples and forest products).

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"Firewood Stacked Up to Dry Showing Annual Rings"

Buying Firewood

It's a good idea to buy your wood at least one whole season ahead. Get tips on what to look for, how firewood is sold, and more useful information here.

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Wild Parsnip

Wild Parsnip

Learn about Wild Parsnip, and invasive plant you really want to avoid!

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Firewood From Your Forest

You can utilize your woodlot effectively by producing firewood for others as a source of income

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Last updated November 2, 2018