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Showing & Teaching our crochet skills at the 2017 Sunshine Fair

Showing & Teaching Our Crochet Skills at the 2017 Sunshine Fair

Crayon Art!

Melting Crayons with a hair dryer to create artwork!

Sewing Boxes

The children worked on sewing boxes to store their stuff!

4-H Afterschool

Cornell Cooperative Extension Schoharie, in partnership with Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School and Schoharie Central School, provides afterschool programs that serve students in grades K-6. The program serves students at Schoharie Central (grades K-6), Ryder & Radez Elementary (K-6). The programs are funded through parent fees.

The goals of the afterschool program are to enhance a child’s desire to learn, to provide experiences for all aspects of the child’s development, and to provide an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable. The program offers a broad range of interesting, age-appropriate activities that integrate what happens in the school day with less formal learning activities. The afterschool program includes 4-H projects, indoor/outdoor recreation, arts, crafts, games, homework helper, and a nutritious snack. In addition, cultural exposure, computer literacy, conflict resolution, and service learning are a part of the education plan to provide character education enrichment and instill life-long skills. 4-H Youth Development Programs use experiential, research-based educational opportunities to help youth develop independence, a sense of belonging, generosity, and mastery.

4-H Afterschool is responding to a critical need nationwide. As many as fifteen million kids are home alone on any given afternoon. Research shows that latchkey youth are at a higher risk for violent crimes, substance abuse, antisocial behavior, poor academic performance, and dropping out of school.

We select staff who are not only caring and responsive to the children, but who also enjoy the satisfaction of providing excellence in afterschool programming services and are motivated to help the program grow. Every employee is professionally screened (including child abuse registry, affidavit of good moral character, references, and employment history). All employees are oriented to abide by New York State Office of Children and Family Services Rules and Regulations, fulfill the program's expectations, and strive for perfection. Ongoing planning sessions and in-service training provide for growth and enhancement. Our result therefore, is a level of afterschool youth development programming your child deserves and parents can expect.

For additional information, please contact After School Program Coordinator, Susan Salisbury at sms248@cornell.edu, 518-234-4303 or Executive Director, Don Smyers at drs269@cornell.edu, 518-234-4303 or 296-8310. Susan Salisbury is not in the office every day, therefore, feel free to email her or leave a voice message and she will return your message as soon as possible.


Susan Salisbury
After School Program Coordinator
518-234-4303 x122

Last updated August 10, 2020