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Growing corn

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Growing grapes

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Growng fruits and vegetables

Growing Degree Days

What are Growing Degree Days?

Growing degree days (GDDs) as applied to the control of insect/arachnid pests of landscape plants are a measure of accumulated heat calculated by subtracting 50 degrees from the average daily temperature. GDDs may be calculated by plant scientists and other plant specialists using a base other than 50 degrees. In New York State, calculations are made from March to the end of September. Knowing the amount of accumulated GDDs helps plant proffessionals and home gardeners monitor stages of insect/arachnid pest activity or target control to a stage when the pest is most vulnerable.

For the latest Schoharie and Otsego County Growing Degree Days (GDDs) accumulation since March 15th of the current year from the Northeast Regional Climate Center, scroll down in the “Growing Degree Day Summary” list at the following link:

Here is a report from Kevin Ganoe, Field Crop Specialist for corn Delayed Planting Dates and Corn Maturity for 2014.

And be sure to check out all the other useful information on the Northeast Regional Climate Center home page at:

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