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Vegetables & Fruits

Most fruit and vegetable farmers in south central New York are family-run operations located in small pockets of good soil, often in river and creek valleys. Most farms sell directly to their customers through pick-your-own, farmers markets, farm stands, community supported or agriculture programs, with a limited amount of wholesale. Organic farms are common.

Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Vegetable Program works with producers through research/demonstration projects on farms, regional workshops, a monthly newsletter (The Produce Pages), and through farm visits to diagnose production problems. Your suggestions on how to tailor the program to fit your needs as a commercial fruit/vegetable grower are welcome.

Fruit and vegetable producers can contact the program for help with:

  • Production practices (varieties, nutrition, irrigation, etc)
  • Season extension
  • Soil management
  • Diagnosing and managing pest problems
  • Improving efficiency in production and harvest practices
  • Improve food safety, navigate food safety regulations
  • Starting a fruit or vegetable farm


If you are a home gardener with questions related to growing fruits and vegetables, Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener program is for you!  Visit our county’s Cornell Cooperative Extension Gardening page to find the appropriate contact information.


David Cox
Ag Program Leader
518-234-4303 x119

Last updated August 14, 2020