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Learn about financial assistance options for home repairs.

Home Repair Assistance

1.  USDA Section 504 Loan and Grant Program (Repair and Rehabilitation)

  • Very low income (single family) homeowners in rural areas.
  • 1% loans up to $20,000; May be used for general repairs and improvements, or to make accessible for individuals with disabilities.
  • Use HUD guidelines.
  • Grants up to $7500 only for ages 62 or older to remove health or safety hazards.
  • Phone: (607) 753-0851

              2.   NY Energy Smart programs

              • Financial assistance or low-interest loans for energy efficiency improvements.
              • Radon mitigation can be incorporated into work scope.
              • Phone: 1-(877)-NY-SMART

              3.   HUD 203(k) Mortgage Insurance Program

              4.  Remodel New York Program

              • Below market rates to finance purchase and renovation of home for first time homebuyers.
              • Eligible renovations include health and safety repairs and energy efficiency improvements, etc.

              5.   Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation

              Last updated July 27, 2020