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All-America Selections (AAS) is the oldest, independent testing organization of flower and edible varieties in North America. 

AAS was founded in 1932 and the first AAS Winners were announced a year later, after the results were tabulated from the first trial. AAS Winners have been introduced each year since 1933. In 1934, there were 30 AAS Award Winning new varieties introduced, a record number.

After a full season of anonymous trialing by volunteer horticulture professionals, only the top garden performers are given the AAS Winner award designation for their superior performance.

AAS Display Gardens provide the public with an opportunity to view the newest AAS Winners in an attractive well-maintained setting. A typical Display Garden is a public botanic garden or arboretum, a municipality, a garden retailer, a university garden and many others. Display Gardens may also provide educational programs about the AAS trialing and award process during “open house” or “field day” events during peak growing seasons.

The network of nearly 200 dedicated AAS gardens includes 55 locations that have served for 25 years or longer. The earliest AAS Display Garden, Norseco, Inc. of Quebec Canada became an AAS garden in 1962.

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Last updated June 27, 2022