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Types of 4-H Volunteer Opportunities

4-H Club Organizational Leader

An adult volunteer who works with a 4-H club assists the club's members in planning their annual club program, conducting club business and enrolling individually or as a group in one or more 4-H projects. Members of a club are often from a small geographic area and may share an interest in a particular topic, but there must be a minimum of five members, and two volunteer leaders. 4-H staff assist with the application and screening process, and provide orientation, on-going training and access to resources.

4-H Club Project Leader
4-H project leaders help the Organizational Leader "teach" the educational component of the club program. They help organize and facilitate a series of project lessons, usually 4 - 6 meetings. Project leaders help members complete project record books and prepare work for evaluation at the 4-H Youth Fair.

Short Term Volunteer (Activity or Event)
Lead an activity, assist with a program, or volunteer on any of our annual events.  Share a skill or interest you have with an existing club or after school program, or help out at an organized workshop. Or you may choose to be a chaperone, provide transportation or simply accompany a youth group to a special event or activity.

4-H Committee Member
Individuals may participate as members of standing (long-term) or special (temporary, adhoc) committees. Committee members often have less direct involvement with youth and serve in more of an administrative role in the 4-H program.

The 4-H Program Committee meets quarterly with the 4-H Program Leader and provides overall direction and support for the entire 4-H program.  Contact the 4-H office in your county for more information on serving as a Program Committee member.

Youth Volunteer
This position is for teen 4-H members with an interest in leadership development within the 4-H program. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, mentoring younger 4-H members, serving on the 4-H committees.  Developing leadership and fostering responsibility are two fundamental components of this position.

Last updated August 25, 2020