Managing Coronavirus on Your Dairy Farm

Dr. Richard Stup discusses dairy farmers managing coronavirus

In episode 15 of DairyVoice podcast, Joel Hastings, Editor & Publisher of DairyBusiness News talks about important items for dairy farm managers to consider in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Richard Stup, PhD, who heads the Agricultural Workforce Development program at Cornell University, is widely known for his personnel management expertise. In this episode, he tells us about a variety of issues to consider and plan for in keeping farm families and farm employees safe, and keeping the farm business running. What should the first steps be for a dairy manager? What about managing isolation, tracking, and communication with health authorities? Dr. Stup says to begin to plan right now. You can listen to this episode of DairyVoice at, at, or through any of the major podcast providers.

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Last updated May 8, 2020