cover illustration from  "Old Mother Hubbard and Other Rhymes and Jingles"
Boston: Dewolfe Fiske & Co, [No date, circa late 1800's]

Mother Hubbard's Recipes

Are there times when your cupboard is bare? This collection of recipes, and the following tips, will help keep it full.

  • Have food on hand that will combine into several dishes, will not be “snacked” away, and will help to meet the guidelines recommended by
  • You don’t have to shop for these foods all at once. Using the food list in the recipe collection, check off those items you already have on hand, then decide which foods you will buy the next time you are shopping for groceries. It’s okay if it takes more than one trip to stock your pantry, cupboard, refrigerator, and freezer.
  • If your family doesn’t care for some of the foods listed, make changes. For example, use canned chicken to replace canned tuna, it can become a totally new dish.
  • Having a recipe-ready pantry can be invaluable resource on an everyday basis, but even more so if an emergency arises.

Mother Hubbard's Recipe Book

A collection of recipes utilizing everyday pantry items, available to download in color or black and white.
Mother Hubbard's Recipe Book - Color
Mother Hubbard's Recipe Book - Black & White


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Last updated July 29, 2021