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Cornell Small Farms Guide to Direct Marketing Livestock and Poultry (2019 revision):

Niche Meat Processing Assistance network:

USDA FSIS Small & Very Small Plants Guidance Resources page:

Cornell Sheep and Goat Marketing Page:

Relevant Webinars:

  • Creative Slaughterhouse Workarounds:  View Recording
    • In this interactive discussion, we aim to help you regain some sense of control over how, when and where you get your livestock processed, and how you sell meat to customers.
  • Starting a Red Meat Slaughterhouse:  View Recording
    • Learn the primary considerations for opening a red meat slaughter and processing facility in NYS, from infrastructure to regulations and from labor to financing.
  • How to better communicate with your Meat Processor: View Recording
    • This webinar covers how to effectively work with your local meat processor, communicate cut instructions, and understand the difference between USDA and custom cutting. 

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