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Otsego County Waste-Smart Business Certification

Good news! Otsego County has recently launched a program to recognize businesses that engage in sustainable solid waste/recycling management practices. This program is called the "Waste-Smart Business Certification" and allows business to apply for bronze, silver, or gold designation. Information and the application are available here:


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SDA Report Offers Framework for Understanding Climate Risks to U.S. Agriculture

The USDA last week issues a new report that focuses on how agricultural systems are impacted by climate change. The report goes on to offer a list of 20 indicators of climate change stressors on U.S. Agriculture, outlining data that farmers and land managers can use to understand how climate change is affecting their operations. The team of experts authoring the report note that agricultural production is highly sensitive to weather and climate, which affect when farmers and land managers plant seeds or harvest crops. These conditions also factor into decision-making, when people decide to make capital investments or plant trees in an agroforestry system. The 75 page report outlines how the changes taking place in agriculture affect the system from which many people make their livelihoods. The authors say their findings can help guide U.S. producers towards the development of effective adaptation measures.

Climate Indicators for Agriculture


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Recorded Monitoring and Managing Ash (MaMA) webinars now available!

To find out how you can best manage ash trees and/or participate in citizen-science to both mitigate EAB's effects and enable long-term ash conservation, you can now access our four recorded webinars on the Monitoring and Managing Ash (MaMA) program. Now is the perfect time to learn what you can do, and go out and do it - there's still hope to save ash, but they depend on you!

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Last updated November 1, 2022